Simple Telecoms Telephone Dongle Service

At Simple Telecoms we are committed to supplying our customers with not only good value phone solutions, but ensuring that our pricing and services are as clear and transparent as possible.

Make Low Cost Phone Calls in Spain with Our New Telephone Dongle

Our service is available to all fixed line, mobile phones and VOIP (Internet Phones) in Spain and the UK regardless of your provider, thus enabling you to use a different service provider to make selected calls.

Home Landline

By connecting our small telephone dongle to your home phone you can make calls to mobiles and landlines anywhere in the world at some amazing prices and without the need to change your current line rental provider or dial an additional prefix.

The telephone Dongle is no larger than a Mars Bar and doesn't require any power from the mains.

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This is not CPS pre-selection for your calls. You will STILL be pre-selected to your current telephone provider.

How long does it take to get the Telephone Dongle after submitting the form?

You can start using your new service in minutes from completing the online account from using one of our other access codes; however the telephone Dongle service can take from 7 to 10 day for the service to go live on your home phone line, but the service will be fully live on your mobile and VOIP phones within minutes. Once your landline is live a telephone Dongle will be sent via post or installed by one of our engineers if you have opted for this service.

Is there a Contract?

NO…. We provide you with complete flexibility to use this service. Unlike other providers who apply their service to your line, there is no long lead times, and if you no longer wish to use our service, disconnect the dongle. It's that easy!

Is there a cost for signing up?

There are NO costs to signup for our service, all we need to know what phone numbers you wish to register on our platform (eg your home phone). Once registered you simply use one of our access codes to make your calls.

If you opted for the telephone Dongle service there is a small cost for the Dongle at 9.95€, however this includes 5€ of FREE calls included in the price.

Please note - If you connect the dongle to a non-registered telephone line you won't be able to make the cheaper calls using the Dongle. There are no additional costs associated with registering more than one number with us.

What do I need to get your service?

Simple Telecoms service is available in Spain and the UK. You can register your telephone, VOIP and mobile lines in both countries on the one account. You can open an account with us by going to www.simplytelecoms.es

Do your rates include IVA?

Yes… all our rates include IVA at 18%

I have an Internet telephone on a WiFi network, will you service still work?

Yes… We have tested our service on a number of WiFi Internet telephone providers without any reported problems. We also offer a full range of VoIP services in both Spain and the UK.

I get free minutes with my current service provider, can I still us them?

We are so glad you asked this…. Yes you can.

Almost all telephone providers’ landline and mobile operators now offer free calls to landline numbers in Spain, and if you have opted for the telephone Dongle we can program the unit so all local and national calls continue to go over your current provider.

Almost all new mobile and landline phones can now be programmed to dial the access number automatically. We are always happy to help you with this.

We also offer a mobile phone SIM unit that fits over your SIM card and will dial the access code seamlessly. Please contact customer service for more information.

Is it legal to use my free minutes to access your service

Yes… Telecom providers hide the fact that you are already paying for your free minutes in with there ADSL, line rental and call charges, remember NOTHING is free, everything has a cost, and they are just very good at hiding it in with other services and call charges.

Which calls will be billed by my Current Phone Service Provider and Simple Telecoms override service?

Only want us to bill you for calls made to the UK or mobile? Or would you prefer us to route all your calls? You decide and we will program the telephone dongle to handle this request for you prior to dispatch.

Do I pay a monthly rental?

No… There is no monthly rental on our service. You only pay for the duration of calls you make with our service, that’s it.

Which calls can I dial using the telephone Dongle?

You can dial number to anywhere in the world, even UK freephone and 0845 numbers, and at great prices. However we do not connect to any number starting 09 in the UK or 90 in Spain. Please contact customer service for a full price list.

How can I pay my Simple Telecoms Bill?

Simple Telecoms services are pre-paid. You can setup an auto top-up rule to Topup your account by a specific amount when the balance goes below a given value, we can even set a maximum call spend per month. Unlike some telecom providers we never take money unless told to do so by you.

You can also make payments using your credit card by logging in to your online account. We take all major cards and you can also make a payment through PayPal, we can also take bank transfers for business customers as well.

Do I need an ADSL connection to get the override service?

No… you do not need an ADSL connection to use our service.

Do I pay the same rate for calls anytime of day?

Yes… calls are charged at a fixed rate no matter what time of day you call.

Can I have the override facility enabled on a mobile phone?

Yes… Simply dial 961196070 and you will hear a dial tone, and then just dial the number you wish to call, do not push the send button again.

We also offer mobile phone SIM units that fit over your SIM card and will dial the access code seamlessly. Please contact customer service for more information.

Our mobile override solution supports low-cost International calls from any Spanish mobile phone registered on our platform. Once registered you dial our access number (961 196 070), and then dial the number you want to connect to. Best of all our access number is commonly included within most mobile contracts* as a local / national Spanish number so can be called as part of your free minutes.

The dialled destination number is carried over our network and billed by us. Even if you don't have a contract phone with free minutes (eg a Pay As You Go phone) you'll only pay your mobile provider for the cost of a national landline call, even if you are ultimately calling an international number!

By far the best way to dial your numbers quicker is to setup speed dials on your account (we are more than happy to do this for you) you can store over 200 speed dial numbers on your account.

Just add a new phonebook entry into your mobile phone; however it’s our access number followed by the speed dial number you will enter. You can still name the entry as normal i.e. Bank UK, Mum Dad.

Is there an iPhone App Available?

Yes….. We have partnered with a software development company to provide you with a very easy to use mobile app. It links to your existing phone book and prefixes calls with our access number!

More information can be found here


Will subscribing to your service impact my existing Phone Service?

No… there is no change to the existing phone service or provider

Can you take calls to other countries as well?

Yes… you can make call to any country in the world.

Will subscribing to the override service impact my ADSL connection?

No… there is no impact to the ADSL service.

I have agreed to CPS pre-select all my calls to my current phone provider. Will using the telephone Dongle change that?

No… it won’t change. The telephone Dongle is only an override facility and not a new CPS pre-selection order, so there is no change to your current provider. If you wish to make calls on your current provider simply unplug the telephone Dongle.

Can I view my detailed call records?

Yes… you can view your call records when you log onto the Simply Telecoms account management website. All calls are shown in REAL time, so as soon as you hang up you can check the cost of the call.

I do not want to use the Credit Card on the Internet. Is there any way I can pay?

No problem… just send an email to customer service requesting our bank details and you can pop in to any high street bank to make a payment.

You can also make a payment via PayPal once you are logged in to your account, and the credit is added in real time using SSL encryption.

We take security serious and for your peace of mind all data collected by this sign-up form is collected, sent and held securely.

How can I know my credit balance or check my call records?

You can simply log into your account online or find out your credit balance at any time or by pushing ** this will play your current balance back to you (only when dialed in using the 961196070 access code).

If you can’t find the answer to your question please contact customer service on solutions@simpletelecoms.es we are guarantee a response to your enquiry the same working day.


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